The Douglas Haig Fellowship Tour 2018  

Tour Dates: 14th - 17th September 2018
Accommodation: Hotel Beatus, Cambrai, French
Price includes: Travel, Accommodation (Bed & Breakfast), Transport & Tolls, Museum entry, Guides
Cost: £580 per person (£90 Single Supplement)


Tour Itinerary

Douglas Haig Fellowship Tour 2018 Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Friday 14 September 2018:

1000 – Pick up 1 Victoria
1100 – Pick up 2 Ebbsfleet International 
1200 – Pick up 3 Dover Port 
1315 – Crossing to Calais 
1600 – Arrive Calais 
1715 – Stand One – Vis en Artois Memorial – Introduction to 1918
1815 – Arrival at the Hotel Beatus 
1930 – Pre dinner drinks and short presentation by Clive ‘A week in the life of the Chief September 1917’ 

Day 2:  Saturday 15 September 2018:

0900 – Depart Hotel for a full days study including: 
•        Chateau Valvion Beauquesne – here we separate the reality of Haig’s constant movement during the war with the myth that he stayed in remote chateaus throughout. This opportunity to visit a forward HQ for the Battle of the Somme also allows us to consider the events of 1916 in depth through the eyes of the commanders involved.
•        Amiens – Here are able to link the hammer blows on the German Army in both 1916 and 1918, their effect on the enemy and Haig’s involvement in both. We look at the logistical innovations and tactical advances through 1916/17 & 18 as we move towards the final advance to victory 
•        St Quentin (Manchester Hill) to study the March 1918 Spring Offensive and Haig’s crucial leadership during the battle   

Day 3: Sunday 16 September 2018:

0900 – Depart Hotel for a full days study including 
•      Landrecies – Here we are have the opportunity to look at two episodes in the Chiefs war, from August 1914 as Corps to Commander to his return in 1918 and Commander in Chief 
•      St Quentin Canal – Here we study the breaching of the Hindenburg Line, the fragile nature of Haig’s command at the time and his visit following victory to the Bellicourt Tunnel 
•      Bel Aisne Farm – Just south of Cambrai we visit the location that Haig occupied in October/November 1918 and consider entries in his diary at this time.
•      Iuwy – we end the day as Haig ended the war, the remote, forgotten, unvisited spot where Haig’s belief in victory came to pass.

Day 4: Monday 17 September 2018

0900 – Depart Hotel for the UK via the following stand 
•      Flesquieres – here we consider the introduction of tanks with a visit in the company of Philippe Gorczynski to D51 “Deborah” we study the Cambrai battle both offensively and defensively and Haig’s direct involvement in visiting the ground
1100 – Depart for Calais 
1245 – Arrive Calais 
1420 – Cross to Dover 
1600 – Drop off 1 Dover Port
1700 – Drop off 2 Ebbsfleet International 
1800 – Drop off 3 Victoria