Tour Dates:  Sunday 27 September - 2 October 2020 

Price Per Person: TBC

Hotel Accommodation: (B&B Basis, 2 group evening meals included)

3 Nights in a Verdun Hotel
2 Nights in St Mihiel Hotel   

The tour is inclusive of:
Pick-up and drop-off from Paris Charles de Gaulle
Executive coach, driver and 2 guides (Clive Harris & Mike Sheil) throughout.
5 nights Accommodation
All Museum entry fees  
2 Group Evening Meals 

The tour is not inclusive of:
Flights to and from Paris

National WWI Museum and Memorial Tour - Verdun & the St Mihiel Salient 

Day 1 - Sunday 27 September 2020 
Meet at the Citizen MHotel Charles de Gualle Airport, visit the Meaux National War Museum onroute to Vienne le Chateau and our hotel for 3 nights 
(Overnight Vienne le Chateau - Breakfast and Evening Meal included) 

Day 2 - Monday 28 September 2020 - Morning - Verdun town centre, encompassing the local memorials, museums and scars of battle, this is an essential way of understanding the story of Verdun, its military heritage and strategic relevance to the battle, often just a billet to many British parties, the town we feel is an excellent start to the tour and promotes a true understanding of the French military system, mentality and traditions that are omnipresent around us.
Afternoon -  Starting with the Vois Sacre and its importance to the logistics of maintaining the battle, we then move to frontline and follow in the footsteps of Colonel Driant, a key figure during the opening phase of the battle, we follow from his command post, through to his last resting place before ending at the ruined village of Beaumont deep in the forests of Verdun.
(Overnight Vienne le Chateau - Breakfast included) 

Day 3 - Tuesday 29 September 2020 - Morning - Froideterre to Fluery Line – We begin at the incredible Froideterre Ouverage that held out against huge odds throughout the battle and marked the French front line, heavily scarred to this day, we leave the fort and head into the Ravine de Vignes via the Quatre Cheminees, a deep hospital shelter then found itself in the front line in February 1916 before touring the destroyed village of Fluery, learn of the American Ambulance Field Service ambulance staff serving with the French during the battle before ending at the excellent and newly renovated Fleury Museum.
Afternoon Douaumont Ossuary to Fort Douaumont – from the impressive Ossuary and French Cemetery we visit the Trench of Bayonets memorial following trench lines and bunkers, we then move onto the Tranche Londres Line to Fort Douaumont itself where we take a comprehensive tour of the site both inside and out with its stunning views over the battlefield.
(Overnight Vienne le Chateau - Breakfast included)

Day 4 - Wedensday 30 September 2020 - Morning – Fort Tavannes to Fort Souville Line – Starting with a visit to Fort Vaux we follow through the Fort Tavannes, through the Batterie de l’Hopital ending at the impressive Fort Souville complex with its Pamard casemates.
Afternoon - We transfer to the St Mihiel Salient (1 hour) Day 1 Monday 27 July - Starting with a visit to the burial site of of acclaimed French writer Alain Fournier and his companions we then use the words of Ernst Junger to guide us through the forest to a hidden German war-time cemetery before we proceed to examine the lunar landscape of Les Éparges, perhaps the most intensively mined sector of the Western Front. A final study of the revolutionary tactics adopted by the US 102nd Infantry Regiment in its attack upon Hattonchâtel is made before continuing onto our hotel in the St Mihiel region
(Overnight St Mihiel - Breakfast included)

Day 5 - Thursday 1 October 2020 - Morning - we begin our full day on the St Mihiel battlefield begins with an orientation visit to the Montsec Memorial where we set the scene for the American assault in September 1918. We then visit the atmospheric trenches of Bois le Prétre and a unique location described by Ernst Junger in his iconic book, Storm of Steel. After visiting German trenches near Flirey, which are amongst the most extensive and best preserved German trenches on the Western Front, lunch will be in the lovely town square of Pont à Mousson where the magnificent memorial to the American Field Ambulance Service honours the involvement of young American volunteers from the earliest days of the war.
Afternoon - We begin with a study of the German raid at Seicheprey before visiting the ABMC cemetery at Thiaucourt. We end the day visiting the woods of Aprémont following the story of a French commander and his units famous last stand.
(Overnight St Mihiel - Breakfast & Evening Meal included)   

Day 6 - Friday 2 October 2020 - Departing our hotel we return to Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris and the group disperses