Battle Honours 2020
Scheduled Tour Program


In the coming weeks we will be publishing full details of our 2020 Scheduled Tour Program, as ever it will feaure both regular destinations alongside new battlefields.                                             
Following on from this years Arnhem tour that sold out fairly swiftly we have continued to grow our 1939-45 tours which we hope will prove popular.
Firm dates, hotel details, itineraries and prices will be confirmed over the rest of the summer, but until then here is an idea of our plans and please contact us to register your interest.

March 2020 - Calais & Dunkirk Weekend (Calais, the Atlantic Wall & Dunkirk, a series of walks around the 1940 Battle for France) - Led by Julian Whippy & Tony Scott 
April 2020 - Battle of the Bulge Walking tour (Siege of Bastogne, Joachim Peiper Route, Malmedy, a series of walks around the 1944 battle) - Led by Julian Whippy & Mike Peters   

3-8 May 2020 - Walking Gallipoli (Helles, Anzac & Suvla Bay) - Led by Clive Harris, Steve Chambers, Rory Stephens & Peter Sweeney 
8-13 May 2020 - Hidden Gallipoli (Kum Kale, Krithia, Kiretch Tepe & North Anzac) - Led by Clive Harris & Steve Chambers 
*You can of course join both tours and we can extend your flight to cover 3-13 May    

May 2020Verdun - (Voie Sacre, Col Driants Stand, Fleury, Douaumount, Fort Vaux, Fort Souville & Mort Homme, a return of our popular walking tour of the Verdun Battlefield) - Led by Clive Harris & Julian Whippy 

June 2020 - Caporetto - (a new walking tour to study the fighting at Caporetto & the surrounding area) - Led by Andrew Duff & Clive Harris

June 2020 - Salerno & Monte Cassino - (Salerno, Monte Cassino, the Liri Valley, Saint Angelo In Theodici & Minturno - a walking tour of the Italian Campain 1943-44) - Led by Clive Harris  

July 2020 - St Mihiel & Meuse Argonne - (St Mihiel Salient, Montfaucon, Chatal-Chehery & Vauqois - a new walking tour looking at the American Battlefields of 1918) Led by Clive Harris & Mike Sheil     

September 2020 - Normandy - (Pegasus Bridge, Gold, Sword & Juno Beaches, Omaha Beach & the inland battles - a new walking tour looking at Operation Overlord and the breakout) Led by Julian Whippy 

October 2020 - Artois Battlefields - (Both sides of the wire, a new tour that will study the 1915 battlefields of Neuve Chapelle, Aubers Ridge & Loos from both a British & German perspective) Led by Clive Harris & Jack Sheldon    

We do hope there is something above of interest, we welcome personal requests and the earlier they are received the better we can build them into the itinerary.