Whilst i have done many self organised tours this is my first Battle Honours It lived up to all the high praise that others had given them and meeting up with people who had been on so many of your tours was a confirmation of their success.
Thanks to you and Jack who complimented each other so well we saw and learned so much in such a short space of time that I am trying to digest it with reference to the photos taken. Certainly as you said the Tour that goes to places that no other tour ever touches.
Also personally fulfilling in at last seeing the location of the Schwaben Redoubt and the STARFISH LINE makes the war diaries written descriptions more imaginable. So thank you to all who organised it and looking forward to ARRAS and CAMBRAI in 2017 
here are some pics of you and Jack in action All the best 

Chris Weekes (Western Front Association)  October 2016 
Just a brief email to thank you and Jack for a superb tour.  The admin, stand locations and, particularly, the expert (and humorous where appropriate) commentary from you both were all outstanding and much appreciated by everyone.  The chance to go to areas not reached by other tours was equally memorable and the insight you gave us on the German and French roles in the latter days of the Somme was a real eye-opener.  For my part, of course, your reading out of the 11 Lancs Fusiliers ops report in which my ancestor was mentioned (and for which he won his first MC) on the exact spot from where the Bn started their attack on Regina Trench almost 100 years ago to the day, was totally unforgettable. 
So thanks for a great four days and the best of luck with your future plans.  I will certainly recommend Battle Honours to friends and colleagues.
Robert Crawley
October 2016  


At Battle Honours we are now in our 10th year of touring. Testimony to our growing success is borne out by our growing database of returning visitors. Their comments are the most effective means for people to understand our tours, our ethos and the value of joining the Battle Honours experience.

Here is just a sample of the feedback we have received for our tours.
I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing trip. It was genuinely the most interesting educational trip I have been on so far, and I learnt so much about both the battle at Gallipoli as well as the army in general.

The five days spent abroad gave me a unique glimpse into what life in Gallipoli must have been like for both the British and Turkish troops, and opened my eyes to the possibility of having a career in the army - something which I had never before considered. I cannot thank you all enough for the information you have given me, it has not only enriched my knowledge of history but also inspired me to learn more and more about the past so that I can better understand why our lives and military is how it is today.

I am incredibly grateful for having been given the chance to come on this trip, and touching moments such as the memorial and reading the words of Ataturk are times that I will remember my whole life.

Thank you so so much again for everything, this has truly been an amazing experience and I hope to stay in contact with you to keep learning about your fields of work if possible.

All the best,

Louise Rudolph - Wallingford Grammar School July 2016  
To Julian and Dan, Thank you so much for organising the Herts at War tour.
This being my first tour of the WW1 battlefields, I did not know what to expect, what I got was an experience I will never forget, it will remain with me as a "joy" of my life.
The tour was without doubt the most rewarding experience I have encountered.
The information, the "boots" on the ground site visits, the personal recollections, the stories of the personnel and the pace of the tour was just superb, never rushed, I never thought I would have "enjoyed" such a tour so much. The visits to the war graves was spine tingling to see the graves of so many young men, as Julian said everyone a son, brother, husband. Let's all pray for them and let's never forget them. Thank you both again.

Ron Jack
It was a long time coming but now it’s finally over I just wanted to thank you and Mike again for such a great Battlefield Study. The comments I've been receiving from the Soldiers and Staff who came have been nothing but positive and several rather hardened BFS attendees have declared Exercise War Horse as the best they have ever attended!  Virtually everyone has heaped praise on the hotel and the study content, (especially the walking elements allowing a true appreciation of the topography of the area) but without fail everyone has appreciated your enthusiasm, vast knowledge and excellent personal anecdotes.  Thank you.

Rachel Lockhart 306 Med TA Unit 2014
I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed our trip with you to Gallipoli, the whole tour exceeded our expectations by miles. You managed to bring the whole campaign to life and explained the details so clearly that even an idiot like myself could take most of it in! It was an experience I shall never forget. The countryside was beautiful, a really great group of people and plenty of laughs. The bravery of the men on both sides was staggering, and the stories you told of their resilience made me feel very humble. One again many thanks to you and your team for organising everything so well – a very special tour.

John Carleton Paget 2014
When I decided that I wanted to visit my Grandfather's grave, a tour of the battlefield was the obvious choice and a search of the Internet raised several possibilities. Your 'Walking Gallipoli' tour stood out as being different and far more interesting than the others on the net and I decided therefore to book a place and to recommend to my friends.  We were certainly not disappointed. It scored top marks for presentation, organisation and for the personal touch which was evident throughout.

Martin Fielding
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The research that Rory had done before hand was hugely impressive in the amount that he had learned about the RGLI and, in particular, the individual stories he had investigated concerning the forebears of some of our party.  He made it a memorable and informative tour that lived up to every possible expectation that anyone could possibly have held. Rory was a great ambassador for your company & it was a pleasure to obtain a personalised tour which exceeded all our expectations.
I would recommend Battle Honours to anyone and everyone who wishes to learn more about this fascinating period of world history.

Guernsey History Society
We recently returned from an outstanding WW I battlefield tour, “Liege to the Voges” hosted by the National WW I Museum at Liberty Memorial at Kansas City, MO and conducted by Battle Honours, Ltd. The tour group of thirty-one, including 10 members of the World War I Historical association, four members of the museum staff, including the Museum Chair and other first time tour members.  The museum staff did an excellent job putting the tour together. Doran Cart, Senior Curator, came with letters and diaries that he read to us at each of the major sites which further enhanced our experience. Clive Harris of Battle Honours and Mike Shield were outstanding tour guides providing well researched historical incite at each stop of the tour.  Based on my prior experience Clive Harris and Battle Honours is the premier battlefield tour company and the WW I Museum can be counted on to provide meaningful tours in the future.

Major General Thomas Jones, USA
Clive, a big thank you for an excellent w.e.  Accommodation, organisation and your enthusiasm and great knowledge …all superb!  Superlatives will run out in the WFA trip ‘write up’ I have been asked to do.

Jean Bingham, Hitchin
Many thanks for a superb tour. We were impressed, as ever, by Clive’s depth of knowledge and enthusiasm. Jack’s detailed and thorough research into the German war records complemented the Allied side of the conflict.

Philip & Christine Ward, Beeston
I want you to know how much I enjoyed the First & Last Tour last weekend. It was fascinating to see how the same ground was covered at each end of the war, and to gain a little understanding of the way warfare and technology changed over the four years. I was particularly impressed with your depth of knowledge and the way you imparted that knowledge, often at a detailed tactical level, to a novice like me. Your descriptions of the ground and the way it influenced the tactics and outcomes brought the history to life. I shall recommend your tours whenever the occasion arises.

Steve Cavander, Bedford
The Lys 1918 tour was excellent. I loved the company & the style of it - Julian was an excellent leader & both he and Chris Baker have an interest in delivering detail that is precisely what I like.  My feedback:- "If you want a comprehensive understanding from strategy, planning, through Command & Control down to poignant reflection of a Tommy's personal experience you'll get it with Battle-Honours". Walking the Battle of the Lys 1918

Andy Mullen, 2013
Thank you once again from all of us for your good advice, planning, organising and delivering such an informative tour and also embracing the personal aspects, laying of the wreaths, following Ian’s grandfather in the artillery and visiting the grave of  his good buddy. We will keep in touch and we do want to organise another Battlefield trip, when the word gets out, there will be many others wishing to join us!

Philip Morrow –Rotary Club Lisburn Private tour 2014
Just a short note to say thanks for a fantastic trip to the Somme last week. I found the whole experience hugely interesting, exciting, emotional and educational. I now really understand what you mean by "walking the battlefield" and how this approach gets you up close and personal with the realities of the Great War in a way which a tour bus just couldn't. The geographical orientation at each stand was helpful and the use of veterans' memoirs and the stories of those buried in the cemeteries we visited brought history to life. A personal highlight was getting so close to the field where my grandfather was wounded on 3 July 1916 I will definitely sign up for another of your tours at some point in the future - and what better recommendation than a repeat customer.

Alan Davis, 2014