Battle Honours Australia

The Gallipoli Campaign 
Tour Dates
: May 2017  

The Western Front 
Tour Dates
:June 2017/September 2017
How We Operate
• Walking tours – provide the experience of walking, talking and learning around a
particular battlefield.
• Dedicated bus transport to the particular battlefield area.
• Walks of graded degrees of difficulty.
• We don’t provide pilgrimage tours but will visit a particular area or cemetery for our
clients if it is within the area of our tour.
• We will provide, on request, a summary of service for a service person who is related to,
or of interest to, any of our tour participants.
• Our group sizes are 10 – 14 clients.
• We can organise bespoke tours to a particular area or theatre of interest for a dedicated

Why Us
• We have a passion and a commitment to providing an experience which will allow our
clients to have a soldier’s and a commander’s eye view of the battlefield.
• Our military background allows us to give those view without submersing our clients in
military jargon and things that are not factual.
• In regard to the Western Front, we have a commitment to tell one of the great untold
stories (so far) of what Australians did there.
• We are dedicated to telling the Australian Story!

Contact Us

• Website
• Email
• Peter Sweeney +61 (0) 438 871 714
• Ron Lyons +61 (0) 417 668 626