Tour Dates: 25-29 July 2020

Price Per Person: £945:00 (Single Supplement £120:00)

2 nights Hotel in St Mihiel 
2 nights Hotel Le Tulipier B&B basis    
St Mihiel - Meuse Argonne 
Day 1 Monday 27 July - Travel to our hotel via an orientation visit to the Montsec Memorial to set the scene for the American assault on the St. Mihiel Salient in September 1918. 

Day 2 - Tuesday 28 July - A full day on the St Mihiel battlefield including visits to the atmospheric trenches of Bois le Prétre and a unique location described by Ernst Junger in his iconic book, Storm of Steel. After visiting German trenches near Flirey, which are amongst the most extensive and best preserved German trenches on the Western Front, lunch will be in the lovely town square of Pont à Mousson where the magnificent memorial to the American Field Ambulance Service honours the involvement of young American volunteers from the earliest days of the war. Afterwards we will study the raid at Seicheprey and visit the ABMC cemetery at Thiaucourt before visiting the woods of Aprémont to follow the story of how a French commander ordered his dead men to stand up and fight.

Day 3 Wednesday 29 July - A final morning in the St Mihiel Salient will start with the revolutionary tactics adopted by the US 102nd. Infantry Regiment in its attack upon Hattonchâtel before visiting the burial site of of acclaimed French writer Alain Fournier and his companions. Afterwards, the words of Ernst Junger will guide us through the forest to a hidden German war-time cemetery before we proceed to examine the lunar landscape of Les Éparges, perhaps the most intensively mined sector of the Western Front. 
After lunch we will start our tour of the Meuse-Argonne with a topographical visit to the Butte de Vauquois and then follow in the footsteps of a young artillery officer named Harry S. Truman, as he developed the skills of leadership which would later see him become the 33rd President of the United States. We will complete our day with a visit to American memorial atop Montfaucon and examine the bitter struggle of the US 79th Divisionon the opening day of the Argonne offensive.

Day 4 - Thursday 30 July - Meuse Argonne Second Day - We will start with a visit to the site of the ‘Lost Battalion’ before examining the possible locations of the action for which the legendary Sgt. Alvin York was awarded the Medal of Honour. After lunch we will follow the course of the attack described in the evocative Blue Ridge Memoir, which will bring us to the site of the extraordinary single-handed action by John Lewis Barkley, who was awarded a Medal of Honour for his actions near Cunel on the 7 October 1918. After this we will conclude our day with the ‘Taps’ ceremony of lowering the American flag in the American cemetery of Romagne.    

Day 5 - Friday 31 July - A visit to Blanc Mont to review the attack of the US 2nd Division, which forced an enemy retreat of 20 km and was described by Marshall Pétain as the finest divisional attack of the war, will be our final stop before proceeding homewards.