Tour Dates: 23/28 June 2019

Price Per Person:TBC

Hotel: Hotel Roess, Hohrod 
*HB Basis so evening meals included
Walking the Vosges 2019
Day 1 - Travel to France with an overnight stop in St Mihiel, a battlefield visit breaks up the tour enroute. 

Day 2 - La Linge, just a short drive from the Hotel our walk starts behind the French lines, here we cross the shell torn no-mans-land up to the German wire, through densely wooded ground we discover the numerous bunkers and trenches that exist undisturbed whilst learning of the stories of the men who fought here and the actions that took place. 
We arrive at the Le Linge battlefield park 983 meters above sea level where there is a fascinating museum set among perfectly preserved trenches bunkers and look out posts before ending the day at the nearby French Cemetery. 

Day 3 Tetes Des Faux, we climb higher to the wilderness of Tetes Des Faux. First captured by the Germans in early September 1914, it was recaptured by the French in December and then became a gruelling fight for the summit over the coming weeks before both sides entrenched for the duration of the war. 
Our walk crosses very undulating land (mostly up), crossing bivouac areas, completely preserved trench systems and remote isolated cemeteries set deep in the forest before we reach the summit and receive an awe inspiring view over the region from atop a reinforced natural French observation post. Continuing across the mountain we descend via the crumbling moss covered remains of a German cable railway system and larger bunker complexes before ending our day.

Day 4 - Hartmannswillerkopf, saving the most dramatic to the end, our walk today starts at the huge French Memorial and Cemetery, continuing onto the summit itself where the trenches and bunkers overlook the Rhine plain, during a circuit around the crest we uncover some incredible memorials such as the German comrades memorial carved out of stone, a complete Minnenwerfer battery and the breath taking memorial to the 152nd Infantry Regiment , the Red Devils who fought a furious action across this ground. 
We descend via the Swiss Epique a 400 metres along a 8 foot deep trench blasted out of the rock, fire steps and loop holes still line the parapet, bunkers and barbed wire defences are almost complete making for a memorable climax to our tour of this incredible battlefield. 

Day 5 - After a visit to an intimate memorial commemorating a bomber command crew who flew into the mountainside above our hotel we depart back to Strasbourg for a return flight or overland travel to the UK.